Strayt® Night Aligners

Strayt Night Aligners™ bring a new level of convenience to teeth straightening. They feature all the benefits of Strayt Clear Aligners™ without the requirement for around-the-clock (22 hours per day) wear. With Strayt Night Aligners™ you can have the healthy teeth and confident smile you want with a minimum of about 10 hours of continuous wear per day.

So easy you can do it in your sleep

Strayt clear aligner therapy is incredibly convenient as compared to traditional braces. But it does require the patient to follow a daily routine. Patients must remove the aligners to eat and drink, and then clean their teeth thoroughly before putting the aligners back in. Not a big deal, but it does mean that patients will want to keep their aligner case, floss, and a toothbrush nearby throughout the day. With Strayt Night Aligners™ patients can simplify the routine. With a 10 hour wear schedule, the aligners never have to leave the house! Pop them in after dinner in the evening and keep them in until breakfast the next morning. It's that easy.

Why do anything else?

At this point, you might wonder why anyone wouldn't choose Strayt Night Aligners™. It's a good question. Strayt Night Aligners™ are clearly the easiest and most convenient way to straighten teeth. But they aren't the fastest. Treatment takes about twice as long as around-the-clock clear aligner therapy. For patients that have a big event like a wedding or a graduation - or simply don't want to wait for their new smile - Strayt Clear Aligners™ may still be the best option.

Is Strayt Right For Me?

Clear aligners are the perfect orthodontic solution for many people. But if your teeth require complex or extreme movements, traditional braces may still be your best option. We can help you determine which path is right for you. There’s no risk when you book a scan appointment because the scan is free! Take the assessment to get started.

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